When It Come To Managing Your Seller Account, Don't Make Decisions Based on Your Instinct- Trust Only Data-Driven Decision

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Here is what you can expect

We are one of the leading and experienced Marketplace services providers with a dedicated team of talented Amazon SEO & PPC, FBA experts and creative minds who will help your business grow.
We utilize our Marketplace best practices to create a customized offering that encompasses the value of your brand and the product you offer.
Focuses on Return on Investmen. Our goal is to help you succeed by focusing on driving sales, increasing brand awareness, and in the end, increasing your ROI.
Starting with Pick and Pack operations at the warehouse, identification of the most desired delivery option, generation of the airway bill to handover to the logistics company.

Our Services

Brands need to have a solid marketplace sales strategy to make money on marketplaces

Brand Strategy

From building up good seller rating to data driven pricing, we will work with your team to figure out the short term and long term strategy of each marketplace

Account Setup & Approval

We give you a step by step guidance as well as the essential and fundamental information to register your seller account.

Startegic Account Management

In last 5 years we has build a strong relationship with category teams at Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Myntra.

Managing Admin Panels

Put your seller or vendor central account on auto pilot mode and see your sales increase.

Product Listings

Methodically listing your products and adding all the relevant product-specific information such as SKU, product ID, content, search terms and other attributes.

Catalog & Merchandising

Based on the competition, consumer demand, conversion rates and analytics on consumer behaviour, we monitor the merchandising closely with the Brand based on sales, availability, trends and customer enquiries.

Price Management

Coupled with factors such as your rating as a seller, customer satisfaction levels, the number and frequency of sales you’ve made, the price of your product plays some role in deciding whether or not you’ll become the featured seller for a product.

Inventory Control

We will keep track and update you about the low inventory products, out of stock products, high selling products while resolving the issues regarding stranded and suppresses inventory as well as the products not having buy box.

FBA Shipment Creation

Creation of shipment plans and shipping labels to deliver the products in Amazon warehouse plus constant follow up and verification if shipment is safely received

Order Management

Give your customers a seamless shopping experience because we will route the order status updates and manage late shipment rates and subsequent changes in orders like returns and refunds.

Product Ranking

Organic ranking in Amazon is the most important factor to get profitable sales day and night with less of your attention. Our Amazon experts team will help you to rank your products higher using best profitable keywords.

Manage Case Logs

Creation, submission, management, responding and constant follow up of case generated through Amazon. We will serve as the primary point of contact between you and Amazon support to provide regular update

Sales Reporting & Analytics

We will report on various aspects of the business on a frequent basis as mutually agreed – can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Negative Feedback Removal

Got negative feedback? Don’t worry, we are here to manage and remove negative feedbacks using the white hat tricks. Also, we will answer the customer inquiries and questions as well as respond to negative reviews.

Overall Account Health

Whether you are selling by Vendor Central, Seller Central or by FBA or FBM, we will monitor the performance and metrics of your account to make sure it is up to Marketplace standards.

Payment Reconciliation

We ensure that the money received from the marketplaces matches the amount transferred to the brand at the end of each payment cycle

Business Growth Planning

Competition benchmarking & analysis across marketplaces. Price monitoring & inventory planning. Monitoring account health & performance and plan business growth with category teams

Brand Registry & Protection

You won’t have to get through the lengthy process to register your brand on Amazon; instead we will do it for you. Right from applying for brand registry to submission of documents and also protecting it against counterfeit and unauthorized sellers.

Marketplace Marketing

Plan & manage media budget
Keyword research, campaign creation & monitoring
Track performance (Impressions, Click Rate, Conversions, ACOS%)

Sponsored Ads

Starting from scratch? Don’t worry experts will help you build new campaign seasoned just for your products, KPIs and target audience

Keywords Research

We find the right keywords to connect your product with the right people searching for it. This also improves the positioning of your listings on the web.

Product Page Optimization

Including emotional pain points in the descriptions, to adding the right videos and images. Our team of experts performs overall optimization of your products.

Bid Management

We help you manage the bids on your Amazon listings for getting the right sponsored spots in search results within an appropriate budget.

Product Display Ads

Target your products on your competitor’s listing page. Increase the visibility of your listing pages. Drive traffic to your product listings. Boost your brand awareness on Amazon.


We generate regular reports to keep you updated and informed about the progress of our strategy and the results from the products campaign.

Sponsored Ads

Keyword Recommendation File

Combining all the relevant, converting, long tail and competitors’ keywords specially collected for PPC ad campaign. Plus adding the keywords in the campaign according to its correct match type Broad, Phrase and Exact.

Product Specific Campaigns

Creation of product and category specific campaigns to highlight the best selling products and optimize sales on low selling products.

Refurbising Of Existing Campaigns

Monitoring and management of your existing low-performing campaigns by adjusting the keyword bid, weeding out non converting keywords and targeting the right keywords.

Negative Keyword List

Filtering, sorting and addition of negative keywords in the campaigns to avoid unwanted and non converting traffic on your detail page.

Keyword Bid Optimization

Optimization of campaigns at the micro level by Constant bid scaling and adjustments at ad group level to minimize money leaks and maximize the return on investment.

Performance Evaluation At Ad-Group Level

Monitor the working and performance of campaigns through weekly analysis of search term reports and monthly sales snapshots.


A+ Content

Enhanced Brand Content

Image Optimization & Editing
Image Optimization & Editing

Pointing out the features of the product in the images and use of lifestyle shots to match the content

Creative Content Creation
Creative Content Creation

A dedicated team of content writing professionals to create a product description that instantly clicks the reader’s mind

Layout, Designing, And Implementation
Layout, Designing, And Implementation

Design and layout of EBC content for the whole of your catalog products

Marketplace Storefront Design

We execute, manage and follow up on all the aspects related to brand store submission process. We make sure your store gets the required customer attention and traffic.

We link your amazon store to the landing page of your headlines search ads, promotion of your brand store through social media platforms, emails, and other channels.

Daily overview and analysis of the overall organic and off amazon traffic as well as the sales upliftment

Audit & MIS Reporting

Deep insight into your marketplace account and identifying the high performing and low performing products, listing and account health, sales conversations ratio, buy box percentage, campaign performance and inventory management. 

A clear report pointing out the key challenges blocking your growth. With our systematic approach, we will point out the existing and potential problems, catalog vulnerabilities and account health risks. 

We will prepare a detailed plan of action based on real-time information showing how you can resolve the existing problems, accelerate sales, comply with marketplace’s guidelines and make the right decisions to improve your day-to-day marketplace operation.